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kiona garciacg4life27    Flagstaff, Arizona
Back again. Not a player/perv or weirdo. Looking for a real single female with own teeth and no moustache. Sounds easy? Yeh right.
brittany hairstonawalke13    SC, South Carolina
Does anyone talk on the phone anymore?
el aziziaulhie    New lisbon, Wisconsin
It's all good just as it is now, and I know it will be richer and more fun with the man who shares my values (tips well), interests (boundless), humor (clever), and I easily, naturally enjoy what's im
jay hanksmisspretty22    Annecy, Rhone-Alpes
Im a young successfull, hard working dedicated consistant to keeping it real with me & my surroundings. Well rounded & grounded, seeking compatible, sexy women of all type as long as your heaven sent

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